Reading a card's source code.

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    This sounds like a ridiculous question, but is it possible to read a 3DS game's source code through a Power Save? The device obviously needs to get into the cartridge's data somehow, and that's about it! In other words: Can I access my 3DS game's files through a Power Save?
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    Even if you dumped the cart you wouldn't have access to the source code. The games themselves are compiled making it no longer legible to anything other than a computer. The best you could do is hex edit some things or figure some way(s) to see/edit models and/or text.

    I myself am not familiar with power-saves, but if memory serves those can only access the saves stored on cartridges, not the files themselves. (Especially since they're still encrypted)
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    PowerSaves only dumps saves. However it is able to read parts of the ROM (as it needs to in order to be able to decrypt the save), so possibly with custom software it could dump the entire ROM, though I don't know enough about it to know if that's possible or not.
    Even if it could, only the devs have the source code, it can't be found in the game files.
    However you can access the textures, models, music and such.
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