Read/Write "timestamps" from/to savefiles ?

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    May 21, 2015
    Does the 3DS have some kind of standard to store dates inside its savefiles ?
    Most games I've seen so far seem to at least store the last-saved date in their savedata, but I can't figure out how to read/edit it : it seems to be 4-to-6-bytes long but doesn't look like plaintext nor a hash.

    I'm not really sure where/how to look at it anymore, would anyone have an idea ?

    Edit : I forgot to say that sometimes the date stored is relative to the raw rtc clock, sometimes it's not. Rtc-relative seem to be shorter and both look completely different for identical dates, which means there is at least 2 types of structures.
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    I believe each way a game is saved is up to the devs of the game. So that info is probably in different locations in the save depending on the game.