Rayman Legends Confirmed for Wii U

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Aug 24, 2007
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After the rumor earlier this week of a Rayman Origins sequel, we now have confirmation by an official trailer (showing off plenty of gameplay). The new game is titled Rayman Legends. And thus far it has been confirmed for the Nintendo Wii U and uses of some of the controller's tablet-like features. The game retains Origin's gameplay along with its hand drawn 2D visuals. Though the levels are now designed around mythical elements such as castles, dragons, and even Greek mythology. The game will support multiplayer with up to four people even online.

The Wii U's tablet serves as an extra display for the gameplay screen, but it also has a couple of other uses. First of all, you can slide your finger to move certain platforms ingame. Rayman Legends also seems to make use of the tablet in a way similar to something Skylanders Spyro's Adventure uses, the ability to place toy models on the tablet's screen and have them affect the game. The screen seems to act as a sort of portal like in Skylanders, the object you place on it "enters" the game. A woman is seen placing a heart object on the tablet and ingame it begins to rain down hearts onto Rayman and friends (perhaps a health powerup). A boy places a figurine of a Rabbid on the screen and suddenly there are Rabbids running around the game which you can even fight. The video ends with a teaser of a boy picking up a figure of a main character from the Assassin's Creed series as if to imply Rayman Legends will further break the fourth wall and involve other Ubisoft game series.

The trailer mentions the Wii U version has features exclusive to that version. This indicates the game will arrive on other platforms. No other systems were mentioned, though the same systems Origins arrived on are probably pretty good guesses (at least 360 and PS3). No release date either. This video was leaked earlier than intended apparently. More info can probably be expected from E3. Stay tuned! If the video is removed, check the source link below for another link.

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