Homebrew Raptor runs fairly smooth in dosbox


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Nov 25, 2017
United States
Retroarch settings:
V-sync is off, 16:9, 400x240, Audio Sync is on, under INPUT I turned poll behavior to normal and input lag was reduced! (early works too!)
By default or the first time I ran setup.exe I selected keyboard. Writing this helped me solve an issue with no mouse in flight BUT mouse controls are working if in setup.exe you select mouse controls, then the mouse will work in menu and flying the "ship."
The usual sound-blaster sound settings were used as well as in the rap.conf setting core=normal to get the game to boot.

Played though 5 levels writing this, thanks GBATEMP

I've included rapconf.txt that you can change to rap.conf and launch in retroarch running dosbox core (from inside of your raptor folder)
Feel free to modify and provide feedback.
Scroll to the bottom to change for your SD card structure OR set your sd card up like this
>>rap.conf, should be in the same spot as raptor.exe


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