R4i-sdhc: where's the check-your-date-thing?

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    Sep 16, 2010
    As stated in my "R4i - the walls so far" topic, I have an R4i-sdhc (NOT the v1.4 version), and yet I can't get YSmenu to work.

    However, I've stumbled across an option that would allow me to.

    Said option is this: http://gbatemp.net/t195821-old-r4i-sdhc-no...s-fix?&st=0

    Too bad the topic itself dates back to last year. So, I'm asking you about another different kind of help.

    Given the R4i has some kind of file that, once a certain date is reached, tells the flashcart that I have to either update the firmware or to change the system date (which I personally find kinda dumb as it sorta kills the purpose), I have to know which files I have to use in order to get YSmenu to work.

    Or, to put it in a simpler way: I need to know the only files related to the check-your-system-date-thing that I mustn't use among the ones posted in the topic I linked to, so that even with that configuration I'll be sure that my R4i will work as it always has.

    However, there are also other solutions I've considered... namely:
    1) "converting" the ROMs to another format that implements another kind of save file, in order to avoid any "errcode = -4";
    2) getting a blank save file somewhere, given my R4i isn't able to generate it;
    3) I can't recall this one, so anyone you'll suggest will be accepted.

    Thanks in advance, from your annoying, yet in need of help, fellow user Alex*Sora*89