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    Jan 4, 2009
    Hi guys.
    Have an R4i gold card, states R4i-gold.com on the card. (this is where i get my firmware from)
    Had no problems up until a couple of weeks ago.
    I updated the firmware as i periodically do, to V1.61b and it worked on the latest roms that it previously hadnt worked on, all good there.
    after a few weeks though, it came up with an error saying that it was out of date or the actusl ds needed updating (Cant really rememeber)

    I updated to V1.62b from the site above a couple of weeks ago.(this appears to be compatible with 3DS now, but i am using it on DSi) now most of my roms dont load!

    the odd one still seems to work.... i just keep getting a "load rom errorcode=-1"

    anyone else have this problem or a solution
    thanks in advance

    EDIT:: rolling back the date to 2010 has solved this for now, it has some sort of expiry date. but, does anyone know what the fix is?