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    I have a DSi XL and also a DSi. I bought a r4i 3DS card and I cannot get the games to show up on the screen.
    The XL version is 1.4.1U and on the DSi it is 1.3U.
    The card I have is supposed to support up to 2.0 from what I can tell.

    The R4i loads to the screen where you can select Game, Media and Settings
    When I click on the Game nothing shows up on either DS.
    When I click on Media and navigate to the Folder where my games are they all show up. So I know they are on there.

    Also it will play games on a Micro SD card but not Micro SDHC.

    What am I doing wrong?

    I have been stuck at this for 2 days.....Please Help!!!

    This is what I bought.
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    That looks like a clone, it's not the R4i Gold/3DS...

    What firmware is it running, can you take a picture?