R4CCE guide please

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    I am new to this There is a .dat and a .db file in my cheat download....I believe the .dat is the action replay list and teh.db is ????

    I have a code for the infinite lives cheat for DS Rom eledee kai and zero ( E)

    I want to add this to the existing .db file

    Do I use R4CCE or something else.....I tried wordpad but after adding the code NO cheats worked at all and suprisingly the resaved file was samller, don`t know if wordpad strips out some control charachters !!!!!

    Want to understand the whole cheat code situation .db .dat etc etc and how to add cheat codes

    Hopefully someone can help me

    Many thanks

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    Jan 26, 2010
    There are links to two tutorials in either of the guides in my signature.