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    Sep 26, 2009
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    I hope this is allowed to ask, i read the comm rules and didn't see anything being i wasn't asking about anything illegal which usually comes with this device. but if i am please delete and excuse.

    So i have been having a little bit of trouble with my R4. I have been trying to update to kernel V1.18, from my previous version (please don't ask what that previous version was i really have no idea, it may well have been the original version which was loaded upon it when i got it). upon reading the instructions on how to update, i have got something wrong being whenever now when i try to boot it up it comes up with the following message


    (excuse crappy picture, taken from 2 megapixel cell camera obviously hard to read but maybe someone will recognize it and know the problem.

    I think i may have deleted an important file. (i couldn't see anything, all the Ds_menu and Ds_mshel files are still there)

    Also does anyone know if its possible to switch the language from Japanese to English?

    At the moment i am downloading firmware v1.22 maybe that might help:/

    Thank you!
  2. davislim

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    Feb 2, 2008
    1st of all i cant c ur image.....
    2nd which R4 r u using?
    i tink u may be saying the normal R4DS but that version latest kernel firmware is only v1.18
    so hw u get to 1.22

    u seem to ask in the wrong section though...