R Button Broken!

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    Oct 14, 2007
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    My R button is broken for some strange reason and I had my NDS Lite for only like 2 months. [​IMG] When I hold on to R nothing happens, do you know how can I fix it with a trigram screw or do you know how much it would cost to fix it?
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    Aug 20, 2007
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    Open up your DS and check for dust, loose connection and stuff like that.
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    like dark said open it up, if you can get or make (never tried making) a triwing screw driver. I've done repairs and soldering on my ds, so i can tell you what to sort of look for. The Shoulder buttons are attached with a pin and a spring, the spring press up on the inside of the button and attaches lightly to the ds on a small plastic cradle. The button, when pushed down, presses on a click button soldered to the board.

    Sounds to me like the clicker for your button may be broken. If you can find a site selling a replacement button you could solder it on, if i recall thats not the most difficult component to resolder on.

    If your not sure what to look for inside you can also check out a nintendo ds disassembly guide.

    WORD OF WARNING! if you take your ds apart be very careful of the two sliders, power, and volume. Tape them with tape to the body of your ds so they dont move, and double, triple, quadruple check they MATCH THE INTERNAL variable resistance slider or you will be sorry. I broke my power switch like this, and replacing the power switch is one of the harder pieces to find and replace

    Come to think of it, I havent really seen any in depth take apart guide that shows the shoulder buttons. If you'd like so close up pictures of the button and how it should work let me know.

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    May 24, 2007
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    that happened to my other DS too, but that was the L button, i read a tip about that you can blow lightly(with "hot breath") on the L/R button if this happens, and that will fix it for a BRIEF moment, i did this, and it worked, used it for about 2months, till my hinge broke -.- and i bought a new one.
  5. azotyp

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    Feb 19, 2007
    I think i know whats may be problem, i once opened that side of ds with buttons (L and R) and there are springs that may theoretically slide from button mechanism, it is possible that when you open ds and put the spring on its place it could work properly). But if your ds is on guarranty dont hesitate to give your ds to guarranty service.
    (to open ds you need X and Y screwdrivers (thats what they look and precision tweezers to put spring bact on its place in button mechanism, but if button work normal,(phisically) and only dont work at games, this may be some more serious trouble than button spring).