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    1)Is the 1.9s update more stable than the 1.9g one?
    2)If so should I update straight to the 1.9s? (I have 1.9b cause Im afraid my wii will stop reading backups. :S)
    3)If a game takes you to the error 01 screen then what does this mean? (I got this error with naruto revolution[pal] after I run the update it had in it)

    Thanks in advance
  2. dweirdo

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    Dec 6, 2007
    1.not yet confirmed
    2.if u can, update to 1.9g first(with the trucha program you dont need 1.9g anymore,for now [​IMG]) but i dont think it will make huge difference if you update to 1.9s right a way. means you cant play that game. only if you update it with trucha,or update to 1.9g/s.
    i recommend using trucha and vmc patcher. btw i think uv just semi bricked your wii [​IMG]
    go to wii settings and see if you can enter them.
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    Lol that would be new [​IMG] A US Simibrick isn't that populair as europe simibricks.