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    Hello Everyone,

    i have PS Vita v3.50 so,

    idk which is best CFW?
    i can play online like normal or not?
    if i update the CFW and hacks will gone?

    Thanks for Reading ^^
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    1: I don't think there's any actual CFW for the system yet, just an exploit called HENkaku (I think? I actually haven't used it yet.)
    2: No; firmware spoofing is iffy at best right now, so you'd likely get banned.
    3: Yes; as far as I know, 3.60 is the highest exploitable firmware. (EDIT: Misread your current firmware version. I think you can safely update to 3.60 without losing anything. Maybe check with others before you do, though, I'm not exactly an expert.)
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  3. Count Duckula

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    There is only one native vita-mode exploit: henkaku which runs on firmware 3.60: https://henkaku.xyz/usage/
    This allows for vita-mode homebrew, vita backups etc.

    Firmware spoofing to allow PSN access does not work and may not work for some time. You cannot play online with a firmware 3.60 vita and cannot exploit a vita running firmware 3.61 or above.

    If you update past 3.60, any homebrew/backup you installed will no longer work. I believe the only thing that will continue working is the VHBL (PSP homebrew launcher). All vita-mode hacks will be blocked.
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