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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by bbqeggs, Oct 2, 2010.

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    Hey, I have an R4 and have spent many hours playing games and having fun until it broke. It just can't be read by my DS anymore. I put it in, turn my DS on and nothing. It does not recognize that I even have a card put in slot1. I still have a working memory card, that's not the problem. I tested the memory card on my computer, it still works. I even used my friends R4 and my memory card worked in that.

    So I decided to cut my losses and get a new slot1 card. I did some research and think the SuperCard DsTwo is the best option for me. The big question I have before I spend any money, however, is if I can keep my saves from my R4 card. Does the SuperCard DsTwo save files the same way the R4 does? If not is there anyway I can make my saves readable by a SuperCard DsTwo? If there is no way to do it I would rather buy another R4 just to keep my files.

    Also does the SuperCard DsTwo require a fast SD card, like the supercard 1 did? My friend had problems with his supercard 1 and needed to buy a smaller faster SD card then the one I'm using. Any help on this question would be great. Thanks.
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    Saves are pretty universal. Not the Real Time Saves, just the regular ones. You'll have no problems with that. And regarding the microSD, I just throw inside a regular Kingston 2 Gb and works like a charm.

    Anyway, wait for more opinions regarding this. I had a Gold R4i, an Acekard 2i and a M3i Zero. Now the Supercard DSTwo is a clear winner.

    Also, bookmark this website. Could be useful.
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    I think a dstwo is right for everyone
    if for some reason the sav don't work, than just simply rename them
    but it should work, I've been using saves from r4 sdhc, ez flash and acekard, and they all work