Questions about rxtools, nand backups and accidental updates

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    Oct 2, 2015
    Hi everyone.
    I recently resumed an EU o3ds that had fw 2.1.
    After updating it to 4.1, I installed rxtools 2.6 (using the tutorial here on gbatemp), unlinked nands and updated emunand.
    Then v10.1 went out and I decided to update.
    I made a full backup of the nand and the SD content.
    I updated rxtools to some v3 nightly (the tutorial too was updated) and then tried to update emunand.
    Here is where something went wrong. I don't know if I made some mistake or this is something that usually happens, but sysnand was updated instead of emunand.
    As far as I know the only way to restore the backup is by hardware mod, but I don't have the technical ability to do so, nor I know someone that can do it for me.
    So now I'm about to buy another o3ds on v4.
    What I want to know is what I should pay attention to, because I don't want to screw things up again and end up with another v10 ds.
    Moreover, I ask you if it is possible and how to restore cia games saves from my sd backup.

    Thank you for your time :)