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    Jun 13, 2010
    Hi guys,

    I extracted every headers from cartridges that I have to prepare the shipping of my Sky3DS+.
    I asked Sky team, they told me that we just have to put the flashID and the cardID into the cfg file.

    About the flashID (the longer one if I'm not telling something wrong), we just have to copy/paste it into the file without any modification right?

    But for the cardID, it depends of the manufacturer, the image size and the card type.
    Let's say I dumped a private header (flash ID + card ID) that corresponds to a card manufactured by Sandisk, image size 4Gb, card 1 type and the unknown byte with a 02 value.

    The card ID will be something like this if I understood everything that I read on the internet:

    Now let's say I want to use this header on another .3DS file that has a different image size (let's say 512Mb).
    I copy-paste the flash ID.
    Do I have to edit the card ID before copy-pasting it?
    (So I use 45FE029000000000 instead of the previous card ID)
    Or I should use the original card ID even if it doesn't match the rom information?

    Another question, is it possible for a game to have different manufacturers?
    If it is not possible, Sky team always includes a cardID in their file, if the manufacturer doesn't change, we should just keep it, right?
    Should we edit it? (Maybe the unknown byte? I've got only 2 games, Pokemon OR and AS, that have a 02 unknown byte, the other games have 00.)

    Thank you :)
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