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Jan 7, 2009
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Edit: I just posted this in the big thread for help with buying a card, but got no responses, so I'm posting again in a new thread. Sorry if this is improper forum edicate.

I'm replacing my old R4 now for two reasons; First, I recently got an 8gb microSDhc card that won't work correctly on the card despite claims that this card supports sdhc. Second, Bowsers inside story won't work on this card.

I recently upgraded my fat DS to a Lite, and have no intention of getting a DSi any time soon.

The following are my main concerns
- compatibility with my 8gb sdhc card
- 100% rom compatibility
- Ease of use. (transferring games to the card, and booting the card and starting games)

I am not concerned with;
- DSi support
- GBA support
- homebrew
- any non game media support, ie videos or music
- any features that are not directly related to playing DS games

I am somewhat interested in extra features for use while playing DS games, but these aren't too important.

I'm considering cycloDS or acecard, but both of these brands have several different cards, and I don't really know the difference between them. I hear that CycloDS has more features, but costs several times more. What exactly are these features? I'd like to decide if they are worth the extra cost for me.

Most importantly, I just want to know which brand and specific version is best for the three main concerns I listed above.

Any recommendations on where to buy them would also be helpful.

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May 6, 2009
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FYI, it's called an "Ackerd", not an "Acecard".

Anyway, for your needs, I'd say an Ackerd 2i. You can get one for around $13 from Dealextreme (since shipping is free), if you don't mind long shipping times. It has good game support and was one of the first cards to work with Bowser's Inside Story. Cyclo's are, in my opinion, overpriced and overrated. The core game compatability isn't much stronger than the Ackerd and the features it has are nothing more than fluff. And when Cyclos are around $50 (I think) and Ackerds are $25 (at most, although as I said you can get them very cheap at Dealextreme), it's a pretty clear choice.

If you ever get interested in a more fancy, full featured cart, wait for the Supercard DSTWO. It's essentially an iPlayer with ROM loading capabilities, as well as native GBA and SNES emulation.

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