[Question] System Transfer from O3DS (9.2) to N3DS (9.7)

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    Hello, I've searched around a bit but haven't come across anything conclusive on this topic.

    Basically, I'd like to do a system transfer from my O3DS to the N3DS, and use the O3DS as a playground for homebrew and such without it being tied to my current account in any way (N3DS wouldn't have CFW/homebrew at all).

    The specific items I have on hand are:
    3DS XL (9.2.0-20U)
    32GB SDHC (old 3DS data)
    N3DS (9.7.0-25U)
    Gateway cards (red + blue)
    4GB SD
    32GB Micro SDHC
    64GB Micro SDXC

    No modifications have been made on either system.

    My current understanding is to perform the following steps (taken from this thread: https://gbatemp.net/threads/emunand-to-nand-system-transfer.394777/):
    1. get emuNAND setup on O3DS
    2. update both O3DS emuNAND and N3DS to latest version (9.9)
    3. Initiate a system transfer on O3DS while running emuNAND

    1. will this work?
    2. what method would you recommend to get emuNAND setup given the items I have on hand? (There seems to be a number of different options for 9.2, and I'm not really sure what the pros/cons are).
    3. is it safe to restart the O3DS during the transfer when prompted? (don't want to lose emuNAND / update sysNAND by accident)
    4. is it safe to copy the O3DS SD card contents to the N3DS SD card when prompted? (I'm guessing emuNAND / loader files should be removed)
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  2. uglymuffin

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    Update: I've successfully completed the transfer. It was pretty straightforward in retrospect, but I figured I'd come back and make a mini-guide for it in case someone else comes across a similar situation in the future and has doubts.

    For this guide, O3DS = original 3DS XL (version 9.2) and N3DS = new 3DS XL (9.7), and only the red gateway card + a bunch of SD/microSD cards were used.

    These steps were taken to perform a system transfer from a 9.2 3DS XL (emuNAND) to a 9.7 N3DS XL (sysNAND). Both systems were in an unmodified state to begin with. I assume this is safe for similar scenarios, but will say do this at your own risk just in case something goes wrong.

    Getting things Setup:
    1. Backup O3DS SD data (take out SD card from O3DS, copy paste files to a folder on PC).
    2. Follow this guide to backup sysNAND and setup emuNAND (pages 2-4, 7-8, 10-12) for O3DS.
    3. The target console should be ready to be wiped (no NNID linked, etc).

    *At this point, you should have a sysNAND backup and emuNAND on 9.9 for your O3DS (sysNAND is still 9.2)*

    System Transfer:

    Source console (O3DS):
    1. Go into emuNAND (Gateway mode) on O3DS and go into settings - verify that your firmware version shows that you're in emuNAND
    2. Select System Transfer
    3. Proceed with the prompts like normal (let it connect to the internet to check). Here's a video to see what the prompts look like if you're not sure.
    4. You may get a prompt asking you to remove the SD card for transfering DSiWare. Select Do Not Move (don't pull out the emuNAND SD card during transfer! Note that you will lose DsiWare saves, but the titles can be re-downloaded)
    5. At one point, you will get a prompt for transferring SD card data with three options:
    - Wireless
    - Low-Capacity microSD Card Transfer
    - PC-Based Transfer
    I chose the second option, but in the end I don't think it really matters (I'll explain it after the system transfer is finished).
    6. Once the transfer is finished, the system will format and restart.

    Target console (N3DS)
    1. Update N3DS to the latest version. (Note that this updates sysNAND, but 9.7 was too high for getting mods setup so it doesn't really matter).
    2. Select system transfer and follow all prompts like normal until it finishes.

    *At this point, your N3DS has your NNID and your O3DS emuNAND has been formatted*

    Post-transfer steps:

    Target console (N3DS):
    1. Verify that you have the games/apps the source system had, excluding DsiWare. If you don't (I didn't after choosing the Low-Capacity microSD Card Transfer method), remove the microSD from N3DS and copy the O3DS SD data you backed up at the very beginning onto the microSD. (I'd backup the existing N3DS SD card data just in case, and also test the console with the O3DS SD data before putting the cover back on). You may notice that previous emuNAND related files are on the N3DS microSD, so delete those if you're paranoid.
    2. You're done! Go to eShop to re-download titles if you want, etc.

    Source console (O3DS) - basically we're starting fresh, so:
    1. Remove the SD card and format your O3DS (while on sysNAND). It will ask you to connect to the internet, but it won't update.
    2. Delete everything off of the O3DS SD card, and place Launcher.bat on it.
    3. Repeat step 2 in the Getting things setup section above.
    4. You're done! You now have a fresh 9.2 3DS with emuNAND that isn't linked to your old account in any way. Backup your collection, run emulators, do whatever.

    Ending thoughts: This may work just the same with other methods where you can run in emuNAND mode, but I haven't tried it with anything other than Gateway + red cart.
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