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    I know this is silly but I really have to ask... how to I go back to areas I have visited so I can kind of farm? cause so far I can only go back to one area and thats the one before the bamboo village... is there a way to go back to the beginning without losing your items and starting off again?
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    The answer to your question is a little complex.

    You can always replay any dungeon. At least 2 dungeons throw away all your inventory when you enter them -- they give a warning about this before they do. But for all dungeons, you can play them as often as you want. And assuming you don't die in that dungeon, you get to keep all the loot you haul out of it.

    Farming is easier in some dungeons than others. When you're first getting started, stick to the main path and don't go past Cryptic Rock Cove. Up until Cryptic Rock Cove, you can go both backwards and forward through the dungeon. That's the only place that's true, normally, you have to move forward in your dungeon. With experience and the right equipment, you'll find that you can farm very effectively in this safest area of the world, especially in the Old Mine (levels 8-9, just past Mountaintop Town).

    Eventually, you should feel comfortable beating Table Mountain (the primary dungeon) in your sleep. Once you're comfortable doing that, you won't mind going past the point of no return at Cryptic Rock Cove, because you'll know that you're strong enough to make it through to the end. When you beat Table Mountain or any other dungeon, you can keep all the loot you can haul out of

    The same is possible in the bonus dungeons. In theory, if you're strong enough and good enough, you could keep going in to those dungeons as often as you want to farm to your heart's content. That's less safe. Even with strong gear, you can still die and need rescuing in a bonus dungeon.

    If you beat all but the last bonus dungeon, there's a trick posted about how you can farm easily for rare items in the last dungeon. I'll let you research it if you want to spoil yourself with the secret.

    I hope that helps.
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    To go back further, go to the level exit, but select "back" instead of "go"