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  1. VioletX

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    Jun 8, 2016
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum or it has been asked before, i tried to google but found nothing.

    I borrowed some old Nintendo DS cartridges from a friend and i wanted to ask if it was somehow possible to install them to emunand like... Cias or something like that? I know that i need a flash card to load .nds roms but maybe it's somehow possible to install them with cartridges?
    Going to return those games soon. I really wanna finish hearthgold though lol.

    My console btw (if you need those infos)
    - Europe 2DS
    - V.9.2 SysNand, V.11 Emunand (Luma)
    - LessHax
    (before anyone mentions that i should switch to A9LH, no thanks, i don't want to join the " A9LH Master Race ", i'm happy with my current setup. If i need it for DS games though... i might consider it)
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  2. CitizenSnips

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    Nope, there currently isn't any way to install DS games on 3DS, you either need the actual cartridge or a flashcard to play DS games
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    You can follow this guide. ;)