Question regarding Blocking IP/URLS of Nintendo services

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    ok the ones i've seen mid thru the megathread on the banwave are :

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    i can Assume this doesn't break online Connectivity to Games, but what i do gather this breaks Wifi connection test, (has to at least assume connection is setup successfully) Breaks ability to do a System Update (but in-turn stops the update nag)

    and that like when we had tubehax dns, it breaks connectivity to eShop (and in turn i guess freeshop too?)

    Mostly i want to make sure outside having to remotely install CIAs ala WiiU Helper/ThatISO/Chaos Site, that i don't have to bloody switch good seed to Bad seed just to turn on Wifi on my 3DS to just use mSD Management to update say something stupidly small like Luma -_-. (its not a Major Issue for my O3DS as i have a SD Reader in my older Mac Mini but its just tedious having to unscrew the back off to get at the mSD on my N3DS look for /grab my mSD->SD adapter boot up the Mac Mini then update that way. for small things like luma or other utilities, i've found ftpbrony/mSDManagement to be better off.)