[QUESTION] Reformatting and sysnand

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Celice, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Celice

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    Background: 9.2 sysnand, 9.4 emunand. 9.2 prompts to update after going online for browser exploit. I backed up my NAND before emunand was setup.

    I'm hearing conflicting info on this. I originally understood that if one reformats their system from the system settings, this can cause the update nagging to stop. I have heard a few methods for this, such as,

    1) Back-up SD card, system update, then delete 3DS folder on SD card and copy back old SD card.

    This threw me off because my system wants wireless mode on to system format. Someone said this is to unlink NNID, and also that emunand partition would be wiped. So to me, this means I have to launch Gateway exploit again and reinstall emunand, and lose saves every time one reformats? I don't trust a reformat that wants to connect to Nintendo, in case it leaves on latest firmware afterwards.

    Another 2) method is here, but may be out of date,


    And 3) method seems to suggest loading my backed up NAND with gateway exploit?

    What is the easiest way so far to get rid of the update firmware nagging? I understand we can downgrade our firmware to 4.5, but I wanted to wait a bit to see how others are doing this and for any horror stories to pop up first.
  2. Zeffy

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    You should be able to format while on 9.2 without it updating, but I'm not absolutely positive as I haven't done it before (like you said, all it should do is unlink your NNID). You can definitely downgrade to 4.x and format it if you still have the nag though, which is what I did with my XL, and had no problems.
  3. DjoeN

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    It sure connects to the internet, but it does not upgrade your sysnand to
    Remove your SD cart from the 3DS before doing the system format (You already have a nand from before the system popped up the update notice i read)
    After the format and setting up everything, pop in the SD again let it do it's thing and while the 3ds is still on start your webbrowser and do the gateway exploit
    once in gateway menu restore your backup nand (press and hold up on your d-pad and choose the downgrade option, it will now start the restore progress of your backup nand, after that reboot your 3DS and you should be back in your old sysnand
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