Question on wiikey 2.

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    I got some question on wiikey 2. I was looking to a trade for a wii modded with Wii Key 2. I learn that it can play normal backup without issue, but I got some question. Does it support usb hard drive loading? The seller mention a recent update complete destroy his HBC but backup still load fine. And the SD card loading look complicated with need of addtional hardware Wiikey Fusion SD Card Reader. Finally, is the software hack better or the wiikey 2?
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    With Wiikey 2 you can play backups from disk, not from usb-harddisk, but you can run official updates (disk or internet)
    You can always install HBC if you want so you can play from usb, VC, homebrew, ... , but you can't run (official) updates anymore cause it will delete the HBC (but can be re-installed again on the new update)

    Don't know about wiikey fusion ..