[Question] Notes on how to not get your SD card corrupted

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    Hello i got a issue here
    Many times when i try to put an exploit or update my 2ds (check ''my systems'' to know the features)
    It will resolve in corrupting files in my sd card
    Which ends to restarting my whole sysnand and reinstall my games which takes hours
    So i would like to know any ideas about what not to do
    This thread will help other newbs of the 3ds console also
    help please.

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    make sure your sd card has plenty of free space. some of the custom software are not good at handling situations where the file system is fragmented (happens more when the card is running out of space) and will start to write data in a way that leads to corruption. You can defragment the card but this will wear out the card more, so it is better to prevent fragmentation from even happening.
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  3. GreaterDog

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    Thanks it will help lots of other people that got issues with corrupting SD cards
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    get your sd card from a real life electronics store to prevent getting a fake / clone card
    it doesn't matter if it costs 10 bucks more than on ebay.

    make sure to get a micro sd reader that cost a few bucks. like 5-15. don't use the free ones that sometimes come with a card.

    be carefull when you remove and insert your sd card. those constacts will scratch and wear down all on their own anyway.

    safely remove your usb device/card. don't just pull it out. if it gives you those 'something is accesing files' error and you cant figure it out, shut down the whole machine before pulling it out.

    every few months, you might want to backup all files to your Harddrive, delete them from the sd card and throw them back on there. that should get rid of bad fragmentation.

    use terracopy to make sure the important files you transfer to and from your sd don't get corrupted on the way.

    check your pc/laptop, its disk might get old and start producing corrupted files which then cause issues when executed on your 3ds.
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    honestly the files do not just corrupt unless you have a faulty card, old failing card or just a fake SD card, seen so many people refusing to accept that their issue is more than likely just that they got ripped off and thinking that there is some magic formula for copying files to their fake SD card that will make it work properly

    so step 1 on the day you buy your SD test it with
    if its fake take it back and get a refund, and dont just think "oh but the price was normal" or "but it came in official packaging", nobody making fake SD cards is going to brand them as "mega happy fake SD inc." it will come in very real looking packaging and look virtually identicle to the original cards
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    Make sure your using the proper sd card for the job, generic sd's tend to corrupt a lot more though I havn't had that problem. Don't let your 3ds die well updating, Don't try to go on your sd card and delete installed games please use the settings, Sd's do die eventually. it can take years though or even longer so having a back up always is good. Making a ease partition back up and puting it on a external hard drive helps incase you need to replace your nand.