[Question]Games on SD, rednand possible

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  1. nedron92

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    Feb 18, 2016
    He guys,
    I've successfully Installer haxchi and rednand and also use mocha.
    I don't have a USB drive yet, which I can use only for my wiiU (have one old 500gb somewhere but couldn't find it..)
    If you install a game in rednand to nand it will be written to the rednand Partition right? I have the 8GB Model and a 128GB sd card.
    Because of the little nand space I can't install big Games to the nand itself? Will it possible maybe to use the free space of my sd for "nand-installation" of games?
    Don't wanna waste so much space there...
    Maybe the thing is to Swap my 32GB 3ds sd with my wiiU sd and find a USB drive, or?
  2. FilleX

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    Nov 16, 2016
    No your best bet would be to buy a hdd/usb or you could use loadiine which lets you put them on your sdcard, though you can't play online
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