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    Nov 26, 2011

    What are the risks of hacking my psvita?
    After Hacking the functions of psVita still working normally if your system stays update( ex: psVita games, psStore, trophies,etc...)?
    Is there a list of working psp games on hacked vita?

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    The system will work perfectly fine, but updating the console will render the exploit inoperable. You will not be able to log on PSN without using some kind of a proxy as soon as the next update rolls out, which means no PSN Store, no trophies, no PSPlus content, no Online that requires logging into PSN. The Internet Browser and other Internet-enabled apps like Youtube will work fine. You will be able to download and install games via a PS3 though, but it's yet another "elaborate setup".

    If you want my opinion, I don't think it's worth it just for PSP Mode eCFW. I used the Uno exploit myself for ARK eCFW, but once the next update rolled out, I figured that my PSPlus content is worth more than a couple PSP ISO's that I can play on my PSP anyways.
  3. IcaroNascimento

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    Nov 26, 2011
    Thx man, this is very helpfull. So after hacking my psVita i still can download psN games but only via ps3 alrigth?
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    if a new psvita fw comes out, to use the PSN you will NEED to update and if you update no more psp mode hack
    and to send stuff to the vita you need form the ps3 you need to be on the newest FW (with both)

    if you want to keep your exploit working do this