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    i recently got an external hard drive, was originally gonna use it for my Wii U, but the hard drive won't even power up. tested with a friend's usb y cable, and it works, so i got one ordered on the way. in the meantime, i'm using the hard drive for PS2 backups, since ESR won't work anymore. as i've heard, and seen, i get the video stuttering. some say it has to do with lack of power, others say data transfer is too slow cuz of usb 1.1 ports. but here's my question

    does the y cable transfer data on the 2nd plugin, or is that designed for providing extra power only? i ask because if that 2nd plug can transfer data, it may be a cheap workaround for the video stuttering on externals. unless someone else has tested and already has the answer

    Edit: i may have my own answer, thinking about it. i doubt data coming from 2 usb ports can be joined into a single stream, so i doubt it'll work
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    Those Y cables are only for extra power.
    USB 1.1 is almost useless face it,only good to transfer some save games and install apps on FBMC.
    If you want play games off a hard drive, then use a network adapter on the fat PS2.
    Or if you have a slim you can try to stream iso's to the PS2 slim with lan cable and OPL.