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    Apr 16, 2015
    I have a O3ds that still below 9.2 and i also have a sky3ds

    Also let me clarify some things, i really dont care much about the gateway fatures by now, neither have the actual cash to buy it atm.

    By now i really wanting to update it since i want to get some eshop-stuff.
    I wanna know if i can downgrade it to a lower version someday if i have done a backup of the system with gateway menu.

    By all this fuzzy about sky3ds, i wanna know, IF someday by some motive i want to get to use gateway in case sky compability drops too much low, or something like this.

    Not really bothering me that much, but i wanna know things before doing the update.
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    You don't need Gateway anymore, there are free CFW around and that combined with a Sky3DS allows you to do literally anything the Gateway can. If you update you'll also lose any chance of playing current and future games that use the new AP since the current Sky3DS cart will never be able to play them, they can be played in CFW though.
    Do not update, you'll waste a hackable console, you can still use eShop either by using emuNAND or by using eShop version spoofing, both of which have multiple alternatives.

    The latter is extremely simple, scan this QR code with the 3DS camera:
    Load it up in the browser, wait a few seconds and close the browser. You'll get an error afterwards, which is normal, and voila, eShop should now work. You'll have to do this every time you want to access the eShop so you can save the URL in your bookmarks for easy access.