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  1. bern0990

    OP bern0990 Newbie

    Mar 17, 2017
    United States
    *Please ignore or direct for deletion. I found the correct area to post this question.*

    My apologies in advance if this isn't the correct location to post this question.

    I'm in a bit of a bind in terms of injecting FBI into the hs.app using Hourglass9 v1.45. I have an Old 3DS XL, and I've followed the instructions on the 3dsguide with success until I reached the section for injecting FBI in the hs.app using Hourglass9.

    After the injection, the HS app on the home menu still launches to the official/original HS. Afterwards, I followed the troubleshooting guide, downloaded and installed the files from the 9.2.0-20U_ctrtransfer_o3ds.zip file.

    Now here is where I got stuck (and hours of research have led to no clear answer):
    Following the instructions in using GodMode9, I navigated to SYSNAND CTRNAND -> title -> 00040010 -> 00021300 -> content, and where there should be two set of .tmd and .app files (uppercase and lowercase), I only have the lowercase set. I should point out that I followed the guide through the updating process, so I'm on sys 11.3.0-36U (started off with 11.2, then found out about the exploit patch). Would that have affected this part of the process?

    I have luma 6.6 and the latest arm9. Am I SOL at this point, and stuck waiting for an exploit?
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