Question about D2Pro9 v2

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  1. Binary Maestro

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    Jun 20, 2008
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    Ok, I've been lookin at chips for the past couple days. I got a week about three days ago new so i'm sure its d2c2. So I've been looking at the chips i can use.

    D2Pro9 v2 looks like it will work the best for me. And it looks like it has good support.
    The Wasabi looks alright, though not as good as the d2pro so i might as well go for the d2pro (this you can updated via dvd)
    The infectus 2 i have been looking at because its cheap (although large) and it comes with the programmer for like $5 more than the d2pro.

    My question is... On the D2Pro9 (v2) is it flashed with the firmware that will allow me to upgrade firmware via dvd disc? Or will i need to first buy the programmer, then reflash it with the new firmware to get it to have the dvd upgradablility.
    I can't seem to find my answer anywhere

  2. RGSPro

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    Jun 12, 2004
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    Has a firmware already on it that can be flashed via DVD.
  3. Nexi

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    Jun 25, 2008
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    As long as it's the D2Pro9 V2 then like RGSPro said , it's already got the fw that allows DVD upgrading. But the DVD upgrades are only good for updating the SPI, they won't flash the Actel which is where the main firmware of the chip resides. Minor updates will go onto the SPI, major updates will be for the Actel (Such as the update that allows it to work with the new D2C2 chipset) .You'll need the JTAG programmer for that.