(Q): PS Vita FW 3.60+ Hack? Best one to use?

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    Hi, guys,

    I'm thinking of hacking my ps vita which i have currently at FW 3.63 (i mainly use it for FF games I - X-2, Tales of Hearts R, Adventures of Mana).

    um, i looked into hacking it mainly for emulators (for specifically N64 emu) as the rest i have on my psp console which all work great , except N64 emu which is Poop :(

    so i was wondering, since I'm at 3.63 FW, what's the best hacking method ATM? i heard about ARK or something like that, also new support for direct usb like on psp and a new coming N64 emulator (in the future which will be playable?)

    or at least that's what the video here says:

    Direct USB Access to Vita & the latest Homebrew News

    Also do i need to get a specific game from the PSN store for ARK?

    can someone point me to how to install ARK or whatever works best on vita? i can't seem to find a specific guide for it on 3.63 fw?

    and since i have some games on my vita that are psn related (final fantasy I-X2), with their saves, if i back them up to my ps3/pc etc, i can still use them on my hacked vita? since they are official bought games etc with a account that works for my ps3/ps4?

    i don't use online for vita, so i shouldn't have a problem?

    i mean if i do the hack i won't lose access or being able to play them or lose my saves for them?

    thanx and hope someone can help me out
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    3.60 is the best firmware for you because team Libretro are working in core of the N64.
    First change your Dns in vita:
    And update for 3.60

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    yeah, um the guide doesn't really help me at all, unless I'm missing something really OP.
    or i just can't hack my vita for now.

    i wonder when "FOOD" 3.63 exploit will be released?

    nice video, dude, but i don't see this helping me specially since I'm on 3.63, if i was on 3.60 (like i was some time ago) a year ago, it would.

    Henkaku on 3.60, i should have hacked my vita then when i was on 3.60, shame i didn't.
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    Your two choices in your situation for hacks are:

    1) stay on 3.63 and set up ark. You can get emulators through ark, but some (such as n64 and GBA) have issues.

    2) buy a 3.60 motherboard and install it in your Vita and get henkaku. With this you get native Vita support for Homebrews (which means emulators such as GBA or the upcoming n64 emulator will run better since they're taking advantage of better hardware), and piracy if that matters to you. You can also get adrenaline, which IMO is superior to ark.

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    Here's a guide to install ark on 3.63:

    Also, I just figured this out today, copy all the files through Vita FTP one at a time in active mode. Otherwise the files will corrupt.
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