psp Tool to extract files(at3,pmf,ect.) from Big files!!

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    TESTED using windows 7

    As the psp is slowing down now i`ve decided to give this tool to you all, so you can use it for FREE!!The idea came from SCANFILE3 by the great Sonix! It scanned big files for a HEX header and gave you the LBA location,then you had to cut each file one by one!!using a HEX editor,well this tool will extract all the files it finds for you,and will inject them back in with padding! If this has gone all over you head then this tool will be a bit hard to get your head round.
    So lets say you have a big file in an ISO and theres no tool to extract the media files out of it,this tool will search for at3,pmf,tim2,png,gim,gmo,bik,adx,vag,pss & sfd files,but only if the big file is not compresed!!!and extract the file into a extracted folder where you can rip or downsample the files,then when your ready this tool will inject them back in,but only if they are smaller or the same size,if the files are bigger it will not add that file,as its inserting it into the same position as the original file
    So i asked Skybladecloud a spanish coder to make me this tool( for a fee,as it take time to make such a tool)and now you can have it!! Thanks Skybladecloud !!!

    Well here goes:-
    When you open the tool you will find this:-

    Parametres tab image


    1.First you need to select the big file you need to scan by selecting the Package button(1)
    2.Then select the LBA button(2) this will save a LBA Text file of all the files found with there LBA position.
    3.Now select the files you want to search for,by putting ticks in the boxes(3)
    4.Now you can scan the big file by pressing the start button(4) but this will only scan and save the lba.txt file and not extract!
    5.If you want to scan and extract,then press the options tab(3a)

    Options tab image


    6.Put a bullet in the Log and extract(1) in the MODE section.
    7.Then press the start button(2)
    8.The tool may ask you to put a name to the LBA text file again so just give it a name (i give it the same name as the big file you are scanning)
    9.If so then after giving it a name go back into the Options tab and now press the start button again(2),this will then scan the big file and also extract the files it found.

    When you want to put the files back into the Big file again, after you have ripped or down sampled the files you now need to Reinsert them back in.

    10.Go into the Options tab and put a bullet into the Reinsert option in the MODE part.
    11.Goto the Parametres tab and then select the Package file(big file),then select the LBA file which is a text file(should be the same name as the big file)
    12.Then go back into the options tab and select the start tab(2),This will then inject the files back into the big file,and also it will pad the file out if its smaller,but will not add if its bigger.

    Remember that the files you are putting back in must have the same name and type of file,as if not the game will not work!,also remember about LBA protection some games have protection of files,i.e a text file with a file count of how many characters are in it,if you change it the game will crash,like changing a game from JAP to PAL,so don`t complain if a game will not work after using this GREAT tool!!

    many thanks to Skybladeclound for putting the time in to make this tool for me!!!

    i`ll also add the source code of the DOS verion so any coders out ther can add ther own files... [​IMG]
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    does this run clean, or will it need .NET or some other crap?

    just asking because i had problems before with some wii tools!
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    Oh my freaking god, THANKYOU! You have no idea how happy this makes me! :rofl2:

    You just made my day! :bow:
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    Please reupload this tool.i need him.The link is broken.Thank you!
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    how to open gim file????
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    Is there anyone that can reupload this file? Apparently the link isn't available anymore.
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    Download link doesn't work.
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    multiupload is down, anyone got another download link?
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    No link?