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    Jun 14, 2008
    United States
    i usually use other forums for my psp stuff since i just found this site like a week ago but anyways im having trouble putting my psp on sleep mode in homebrew. wait let me rephrase that. im having trouble recovering from sleep mode. EVERY hombrew and emulator that ive tried refuse to recover from sleep mode. instead the green light blinks once or twice and turns the psp off. when i flick the switch again, it turns the psp and goes to xmb. im running 3.90 m33-3 with 1.50 kernal v2. its a TA-81 phat psp with i have homebrew on one of my 4gb sandisk and one of my 2gb sandisk ms. and if this has anything to do with it, everytime i reinstall 3.90m33-3 on to my psp, it will freeze on the first boot. and to stop the freezing, i have to format flash1 thru the recovery mode. ive decided to post help on here cause all the other forums say some homebrews just dont support sleep mode which i said was bunch of bull cause the ones im using, specifically gpsp and psprevolution, were always able to go to sleep mode and recover from it perfectly. thanks for any help besides saying that some homebrew doesnt support sleep mode lol. the reason i care so much for the sleep mode is i play my psp at work during times when there are no customers (my boss is very nice. we're never really busy anyways) and i have to sleep it so i can get back to work.
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