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    So I'm thinking about taking the plunge and getting a Vita as at some point I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a PS4 along the way.

    I used to and still do get alot of joy out of my PSP so have a few questions.

    Im aware that you can download PSP games off PSN and they play on the Vita but was interested to know what they are like in terms of how they run.

    For example, on the PSP, alot of games took a nice performance boost at 333mhz where they were originally programmed for 222mhz (games like Daxter, Wipeout are two that spring to mind). What I'm trying to say is does the Vita run PSP games with smoother frame rates or if a game was originally intended to run at 222 and not 333 will the vita speed them up as per the overclocking you could do on CFW or will games like Daxter etc, chug along like they did via UMD?
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    I can't vouch for any technical crap, but I can say of the several PSP games i've played on my Vita, they all look absolutely gorgeous, and play great. I replayed a lot of games simply because the Vita vastly improved my experience with them.