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    Sooo, a little insight would be much appreciated as I don't buy digital really.

    -PSN has a promo for spend $50 get $10 back.
    -Sony has a promo that if you get a PSN credit card you get $50 back after purchase.

    Now the question is, could I get the card, buy a game on PSN then get a total of $60 back. If I can't add funds to the wallet with the card, I could buy a PSN gift card and add the funds that way right? All in all I'm trying to see if I could get $60 back in total.
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    The money for the PSN Credit card is in the form of a PSN voucher code for $50 so you don't actually get money. The $10 promo is also credit that's applied to your PSN account. So;

    Get PSN credit card->Buy something with it. (Not sure what the requirements for said purchase are.)->Get $50 PSN voucher->Buy $50 worth of PSN stuff->Get an extra $10 added to your PSN account.