PSN Exclusive “Sideways” Announced


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Jun 16, 2008
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PSN Exclusive “Sideways” Announced
Coming 2011
‘Sideways’ has been announced as a PSN exclusive for 2011 and is described as ‘a unique adventure platformer set in and around the oh-so-gritty streets of New York City. The characters and story have been birthed from a fantastic world created by the quasi-evil geniuses at Fuel Industries and W!ldbrain.’

Some rather lovely concept art and character design has been released (see below) but as far as game details go, Scott Simpson (studio director of Playbrains) is keeping things under wraps.

At this point I would normally wrap up this news item however Scott Simpson appears to be somewhat of a comedian and has replied to practically every comment made about Sideways on the PS Blog. Here are some hand picked highlights:

KwietStorm: Looks cool. Maybe some similarities with jet set radio?
Scott: None that our lawyers will admit to.

SolindSnakeSSX: Will it be 2D or 3D in terms of gameplay?
Scott: Yes.

EJ25: Cool artstyle. Hopefully there’s a good game behind it! You know, that one element that gamers really want.
Scott: Agreed, my friend. We’re working on it. We promise the gameplay will end up being at least 38% awesomer than the art style (measured by volume).

Glo_box 81: look cool
Scott: In these shorts, you bet i do. Oh, wait– you meant the game. Yes, the game looks cool, too.

Slyinsano: Is this a 3D platformer, or a sidescroller? I’m confused because all you said to someone above was “Yes”.
Scott: Yes.

Zekececil: Is/Will this be part of the Play, Create, Share genre? It looks good enough and it looks like it could work.
Scott: Nah. We’re more of a “Play. Destroy. Brag” kind of game. We never were good with sharing toys as children.

Jetup: Uhhhh, is that bunny throwing up pink…blood…?
Scott: It’s totally a Chordata Rorschach-type deal. What did you see in the pink bunny vomit?

Zekececil: Wait! Are those tiny pink bunnies in the pink bunny vomit?
Scott: Paging Dr. Freud…Paging Dr. Sigmund Freud.

DJryuzaki: [Bees] are soulless honey making machines in my eyes. They live to produce honey for me and bears. Preferably bears that get stuck in trees and rabbit holes.
Scott: Those are the best kind of bears. Except for the kind that wear hats and collars & ties.

DJryuzaki: We should never trust owls… they are watching us while we sleep.
Scott: Not to mention the hooting. Always with the hooting.

DJryuzaki:Also, I heard this new movie shows them making battle helmets. You know we are in trouble when they can make armor.
Scott: As if they needed another reason to act improperly smug over all other animals. Stupid owls.

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