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    Sep 25, 2018
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    So when you attack something with enough force you learn about it's insides. It's weak points. When it comes to the PS4 I know all about you. So after more fiddling here is the verdict. My conclusion. I once got into a back and forth with this guy. He said my videos were fake that the limit on ps4 games is 1000. That it was impossible for me to be doing this. He had seen a video where I had a little over 1000. He said I was cheating or faking somehow. That it had to do with the ps2 games. That they shouldn't count since never really released (who turns down ps2 games?) I said I had footage where I played the games and this wasn't fake. Apparently he was but hurt cause he bought a really big usb hd and he couldn't add more games. So here is how it works. Sony (at least in 6.72) allows you 1000 apps (key word apps so not just games) per internal and external device. While I thought I had found the true ceiling I had not. I had merely found the ceiling of the internal storage. Also only in terms of listings not space. Space I have plenty. Ya see it's a funny situation. Typical either internal or external would have an 8tb data limit. The internal because even the largest 2.5 sata (which I of course happen to have) would only be sold in a max 8tb size. But 8tb cannot install 1000 games... Do you see what happened here? I have done something unexpected/not anticipated... Ya see the genius of Stooged's app2usb is that the ps4 thinks an external usb is the same filesystem as the internal 2.5 sata. It doesn't really care about max size. So introducing a 16tb usb hd has introduced an interesting situation... Typically no I could not approach the 1000 limit due to data constraints. But I don't have data constraints... So now what you may be wondering... Well I notice that it offered to format the 16tb as extended storage though I think 12tb might be a better fit. This is due to the 1000 listing limit per extended storage. But before I go that route. I want to share my thoughts on maximizing storage efficiency when dealing with 18tb plus filesets. on a ps4 So now what? Well we want to maximize our app2usb drive. But how? Abuse what we can. Sooooooooo....I suppose our big bag or box so to speak. Is on the internal. But it's not exactly helpful because no matter what we send we won't reach the limit. So this comes down to our file set. So it behooves us to place All of our large games on internal and our smaller games on external....So that thousand on the internal should be the largest games when considering DLC/UPDATE. The quest for 2 thousand ps4 games on Beethoven begins...
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