PS3 Hardmod/Upgrade options?

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    My FAT PS3, despite being hard modded with lead ball bearings and a cooler power supply, shuts off from over heating on a few specific games. Although I never get the yellow light problem, it's a bit of a bother to deal with. So I was thinking of doing one of a few things and I was hoping for some input.

    1.) Since there is now a PS3 emulator, I was thinking of just moving my games over to a new PC, but can I install a copy of the firmware to a VMware or something so that I can load PSN games as well? Or, alternatively, is the success rate with converting PSN games to disc games better with emulation?

    2.) I was thinking of following what was done here:

    In that case though, since I will literally be disassembling everything, I was thinking it would be a good time to upgrade the hard drive. Since a full size desktop hard drive would physically fit the question is if the PS3 firmware can handle a 4 TB (or larger) internal HDD. I read that exFAT can support of to 512 TB, but would this work out of the box? From what I can find, internal hard drives go up to 10 TB now (though I can only find a place to buy 8 TB) or 4 TB solid state (though I can't find anything above 2 TB that I can buy).

    If I went that route though I was wondering if the same box setup could have a Linux hard drive as it's primary (maybe a switch to go between modes) so that the Linux OS could see and access the PS3 files for when I decide to study console programming (I'm taking computer science as a second major with a focus on Bioinformatics, but still want to dabble a bit in console programming) and in that case what kind of Linux would be needed to properly read and access the PS3 hdd? Aside from the Linux that can be installed onto the PS3 itself.

    And of course, while I have it opened up could two different PS3 mother boards be setup to work together in some way?

    If I upgrade the console to a new hdd could I, through multiMAN, copy all the files back over? Or are there some files that won't copy?

    Alternatively, I was thinking of buying a new FAT PS3 (so not to risk my old one in case I break something) and in that case I was wondering if it will even be possible to copy all the files individually from one console to another. If I, for example, copy the entire file system from one internal HDD to an external HDD and then copy from the external to the new internal would it work even though it's a different console?

    3.) I was also thinking that it would be interesting to build a PC with console hardware included and somehow tell the emulators to use the console hardware to improve performance. So, for example, imagine if I took the hardware for a PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii and put it all together with PC hardware. Is that possible though? I mean, while I have the hardware anyway, why not?