PS3 File Decryption

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    Would it be possible to find out enrcyption keys if you have both encrypted and decrypted files?
    It seems that some files on 3.55 dev_flash aren't modified in 4.00 dev_flash.
    For example, the file "ps2_emu.self"
    If we decrypt those files from 3.55, we would have decrypted and encrypted files, Could we find the keys?

    I'm studying physics so I'm not really aware of decryption algorithm =)
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    If sony have done it right then no. It might have helped if we lacked the public keys but nothing special otherwise.

    If you do fancy looking things up a bit more then the term you probably want is "known plaintext" attack. It is more of a problem with symmetrical encryption (that is to say it defeats it entirely) and some of the black box/oracle stuff but asymmetric encryption (like the elliptical stuff the PS3 uses and you probably want here).

    As for studying physics some of the best pure computer programmers I know come from maths and physics backgrounds (their use of APIs and similar concepts as well as programming style tends to leave a bit to be desired but hey).