PS3 60 GB - Blinking Red light after powering off/ Sometimes won't recognize HDD

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    I have a PS3 60 GB that was a ylod and i fixed it by reflowing both processors. It is now booting, and i can play it for hours. However, sometimes when i power it down it will end up with a blinking red light, and i hear the beeps as if it Ylod'd again. I can usually immediately power it back up and it will boot fine, although sometimes it will say 'cannot start , cannot find appropriate system storage.' I'm wondering if these two issues are related.

    Things I've tried: - Adding washers to the processor brackets; same results
    - using a different HDD; same results
    - Reflowing the processors a second time; same results
    - Reflowing the pins on the HDD SATA port; same results

    Im hoping i can get some insight on this, thank you in advance!
  2. xxOMEGAxx

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    Nov 4, 2018
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    Sounds like the SATA is damaged and on it's way out to me. Reflowing is rather pointless, you're just buying yourself time, instead of fixing the issue.
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    What he said. Get a New SATA Port.