PS2 controller suggestions.

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Sonic Angel Knight, Oct 14, 2016.

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    Today i tried playing my ps2 (I can't believe it still works) But i can't my controller is busted, it dosen't work for some reason, the buttons get pressed at random and i can't use it. I wondered if i could use a different controller, but no, I can't. I found someone saying is possible to use homebrew to load some elf file that can make dualshock 3 and dualshock 4 controllers work, but i don't have anyway of loading that. So i need anothe controller.

    Apprently i doubt sony make official dualshock 2 controllers for it, anymore so i guess a third party controller will be required. Especilly since all the legit dual shock 2 ones i find is like over $40 I found one being sold by gamestop that is only $10 and new, i was thinking of getting. But i just don't feel comfortable with not official accessories/controllers as i doubt the quality is reliable on durablility and lasting long. So does anyone have any suggestions where i can get a working reliable controller for this 16 year old console?:unsure:

    If not i'll take that gamble and see if i can get the gamestop controller. As a bonus, are there anyone still making controllers for classic consoles anyway like ps2 xbox original, or anything else before? I find it interesting how so many people on youtube have working retro console and controllers, when all the ones i had either worn, out, broke or just got destoryed in early life gaming rage quitting tantrums. (Insert game fly commercial here) :P
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    Firstly I wouldn't reccomend trying to mod the PS2 so it can run PS3/PS4 remotes (Never heard about this and the only way I know is by buying extra equipment)

    Your best bet is to find a official dual-shock 2 controller on ebay, craigslist or off any local dealer. You'll be surprised on what you come across if you just search around. I found a single controllers in A+ condition for $15 and an official sealed controller for $50. Even ask your mates, heaps of mine seem to have a couple lying around and will happily throw them my way for a couple of bucks.

    If all else fails just get a 3rd party controller, they are like $10 each... Just don't expect it to last or feel as good as the dual-shock 2. :)
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    I forgot
    You could always try simply opening the controller up and giving the inside a good bit of cleaning. Sometimes dust can cause interference like that, a nice quick clean might fix the issue. They're super easy to open up, just need a phillips screwdriver and 10 minutes of patience.
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    Have you tried opening up the ps2 controllers to give them a good cleaning like cleaning the contacts where the buttons are pressed? Also have you tried cleaning the controller ports on the system? Fat ps2 or slim ps2? You could try amazon to look for official ps2 controllers. Just avoid 3rd party standard controllers for any system for the most part if you can help it.

    Also remember that ps1 dual shock controllers work on a ps2 as well.
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