Hacking PS1 Saves to PSP Issues


Feb 7, 2012
United States
Technically I am using Adrenaline on my PS Vita, but it works exactly the same. I am trying to move old PS1 saves from my PS1 memory card to my Vita with Adrenaline, so I can play PS1 Eboots.

The process I have been using is saving the .mcs file for a game to .mcr using MemcardRex, renaming the file to the game's serial number plus -0 (e.g. SLUS_00958-0.mcr for Suikoden II), and placing the file in the SEPLUGINS/cwcheat/mc folder. I load the game up, hold select, select 'Manage Memory Cards', and select 'Load Memory Card 1 from Memory Stick' and close the CWCheat menu. I reset the game, and when loading, I find the save I imported on memory card slot 2, so I am able to save this in game onto memory card slot 1.

The problem with this is that it keeps loading the saves onto memory card slot 2, and four of my games (Ridge Racer Type 4, Suikoden 1, Tekken 3, and Front Mission 3) do not allow you to select the memory card slot you want, it only tries to read from slot 1. I would appreciate any help to get these saves onto my Vita.

EDIT: Never mind. I have a cfw PSP with CWCheat, and it loads the saves into memory slot 1, so there is no issue.
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