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  • I wanted only to thanks for

    Without it it wouldn't be possible for me to fully port Polish Translation mod to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.
    Thank you so much. :)

    Goodness you are everywhere cheat codes exist! I have a question about vita cheat, should I contact you via chat from last time?
    the action replay plugin dont work either all the codes are out of date i dont know how to update them so i cant update them myself so now i have no plugin to use please make it work on luma9.1 please update your plugin to work on luma9.1 update 11.8 thank you for reading these.
    can you please update your plugin to work on luma 9.1 cause since the update 11.8 its now unusable completely broken please update to that version of luma
    i was down grading after the system updates but now i cant cause 11.8 brakes any luma below 9.1 so now your plugin is broken please update it
    Do you happen to have any plans to add a recursive function to your XCI trimming script?, so that we don't need to move and define individual files?
    can you create an exp multiplier ntr cheat for xy and oras?
    Hey analog man I need help with the cheat menu for pokemon sun i downloaded and did everything from computer to my new 3ds xl and nothing is still working help please
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