PS Vita Slim strange screen constant flicker issue.

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    Oct 1, 2008

    I have a PS Vita Slim that I bought used. I used my Vita for some time at first but then stopped using it for a long time, the Vita was working fine at the time I stopped using it. Recently I wanted to use my Vita again and try some retro emulators on it. Since it wasn't used for a long time the battery was drained so I charged it with a Samsung Fast Charger (didn't had the OEM charger at the time). After it was fully charged I tried various Vita games and then used Henkaku. Turned the Vita off and when I tried to use it again I noticed that the Vita started turning on and off on its own, like if the power button was being pressed constantly. If I held the home button pressed the screen would stop the behavior but go at it back again when the home button was released.

    I tried disassembling the Vita to see if there was something wrong, like a cable ribbon loose or something, but didn't find anything so I put it back on again. Did a system restore using recovery and the Vita was fine again until I used a game or Henkaku. Question is, has anyone experienced this and is there a solution to it? Also, could charging the Vita with a fast charger had fried something in the Vita? Thanks in advance.
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    • Things you have/may have done wrong
    • Leaving it discharged for a long period as this can destroy the battery
    • Leave it in a humid environment or somewhere when condensation can occur