PS Vita Fix Project (With photos)

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    Dec 17, 2015
    My latest pickup is this Sony PS VITA it was a bit of a risk as the listing mentioned that it had a broken analogue stick. I was also reluctant to pick up with my past experiences with Sony playstation 3 not that the build quality is bad just the delicate ribbon clips are prone to snap and can be highly annoying. I decided to jump ahead and start research in the teardown process and found that the build of the vita is well thought out with easy to replace components.

    I started to dismantle and found the screws were looking different inside a clear indication that someone has been inside and my fear of a previous failed fix was brewing. Luckily I removed the part that was problematic and the issue was clearly evident the small ribbon was snapped. I quickly reassembled the vita and now everything works well!

    My only gripe with this fix is the replacement part I purchased, it looked well used and the rubber top looks thin and dented. Does anybody know how the ribbon on the side of the analogue stick snapped? I have no idea how that would happen unless someone tried to prize it with a screwdriver.

    Overall the vita is a relatively easy fix with a total time of 20mins to fix. Keep your eyes peeled as I have another project turning up next week possibly nintendo ? :)
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