Protected by the Cavalry


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Nov 19, 2008
Coventry, UK
To all those who know of the Angry Bear Cavalry, know now that they protect not only the 'temp but also the stock room at work. I put this on the door to stop a certain lazy gobshite leaving half full coke cans all over the place. It's still there.


In other news,

- I got bored of many of my 360 games, so I traded them in for some Microsoft points. Might have gone a bit overboard because I could afford 4200 points and still have enough left over to get Need For Speed Carbon. Spent my points on Sonic 4, After Burner Climax, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Castle Crashers and the evil character upgrade to go with it. Goin' old skool this month. Plenty of multiplayer ass kicking goodness. Considering I have the Sega Mega Drive Collection for 360 as well which contaisn the Streets Of Rage trilogy and the Golden Axe trilogy, my friends and I should have plenty of minions to smash in the face with various pieces of metal for the next month or three

- I've been watching Final Fantasy Unlimited most of the week. It kicks ass. OK, not the greatest anime ever made, but it stays pretty true to the source material. I'm enjoying it. It's certainly worth the 20 quid I got it for on eBay. All 25 episodes. That thing that flies around saying 'kukuruyu' all the time is kinda creepy though...

- My manager is taking a vacation for two weeks as of Sunday. In light of this I'm being temporarily given a few more responsibilities, like helping to lock up at night, train the new kids, etc. In essence I'll be serving as part assistant manager for those two weeks, backing up the existing assistant manager so he doesn't suffer a nervous meltdown under the pressure of getting everything ready for the upcoming xmas rush. Yes, cue jokes about me being an 'ass man'. This probably won't be permenant, but to be honest given that I've only been with the company about 11 weeks the fact that they trust me with things like this already is a pretty good sign.

Incidentally, I get staff discount on the new pool tables

- My gloves STILL haven't arrived. Bloody eBay...

That's about it for now. My apologies for taking so long with the photo, I meant to upload it ages ago. Enjoy it. It's not the best shot, but that's the note taped to the stock room door. Had to zoom in to get all the words in focus, I originally wanted to have the JJB sign in the shot too but the words would have been damn near illegible. Anyway, toodles.


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