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    Apr 22, 2011
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    Right so I've been assigned a project which I should have ready by the end of the school year.

    It's a very strange project. I guess the purpose is to collect data and neatly present it.

    So, the example my teacher gave us include:
    "How many horses are taken care of in stables in [the city I live in], on average?"

    The idea is to actually physically head out and obtain data, visit places, ask, receive help, jot it down, and present it neatly on a booklet.

    Another example:
    The population of stray cats in [city I live in] is significant, relative to that of other countries, particularly in residential areas and is growing uncontrollably.

    That is the hypothesis. Animal shelters, veterinary clinics, etc. All relevant places would be visited, and data would be collected. I would present my findings and compare the result to my initial hypothesis.

    Okay, more examples:
    An increase in the school fees per year in schools of [city I live in].
    The difference in ticket prices of different cinemas

    So, the Sky's the limit for how odd it can be.
    I see a lot of room for creativity in this project, but currently I lack that.

    Internet, I need your help. I am to present my idea tomorrow and I want to blow everyone's mind away.
    I am currently brainstorming, but help would be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!
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    If GBAtemp were to have a mass fighting tournament, who would be the eventual victor?
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    Guess it more depends on your approach. Right now, saying the sky is the limit is too broad for me to give suggestions. Are you aiming to collect some more positive type data for the class to reflect about things and maybe try to make a change in their individual lives (e.g. community service that people provide, the ratio of money between groceries and fast food/restaurants per household, how much gas one uses in a week in comparison to how far their work place is and their community grocery store, etc), or just something more to make them laugh and be amazed someone would actually collect statistics like that (e.g. how much time parents think their children do nothing necessarily productive in a day, how many steps someone takes in a day on average, how far the average person can throw a rock)?

    If anything else, perhaps the examples I did give gives some more brainstorming :/
  4. Lucifer666

    Lucifer666 all the world needs is me

    Apr 22, 2011
    The Fourth Dimension
    Whoops. I should have been more clear on the topic. It has to be related to the city I live in, so I have to visit local areas of interest that are relevant to my project.
    Also, it should be related to perhaps industry, law, something like that. Obviously it's got to be appropriate to present in a classroom of 13 year olds.

    So, overall, I think examples should look more like this:
    • The rise of school fees in the city each year
    • The average quality of hotels in the city
    • The difference between the pricing of vegetables of different supermarkets
    • The top 5 most adopted pets (in order) in the city
    and less like this:
    • How many jokes are told per day
    • How many hours of homework students spend working on each night
    • The average sum of money teenagers are given as an allowance every month
    So yeah, I'd say what I'm looking for is closer to the bit in bold (see above quote)
    Many thanks by the way, man. :) I really appreciate your help, and sorry I didn't clarify earlier. I guess I was rushing while typing.
    So far I've gathered up your examples, mine, and a few some friends suggested on a piece of paper. Lots of them are good, but I'm still trying to see if there's anything I can find or come up with that's mind-blowing or simply incredibly interesting.

    Thanks again.
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    The average graduation rate and GPA of students who take that teacher's class compared with students who do not.
    Average income level versus the suicide rate in your town, as graphed over time.
    Percentage of those with religious belief versus the percentage of teen pregnancies, as graphed over time.