Programs lock up every few seconds or so.

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    I've had this issue on this computer for a long time.
    • Specs
    • Problem
      Programs lock up every few seconds or so. The time until they lock up, the time they lock up for, and what exactly happens during that moment varies. Here's a video (MPEG-4, 533KB) of the system time dialog box in windows as an example. Notice that it locks up every few seconds.
      • Example scenarios
        • Notepad
          If I hold down a key and watch the growing line very carefully, there's a very slight hiccup every few seconds.
        • Subspace/Continuum
          In this 2D sprite-based little MMO from the 90's, during a "freeze" the game's framerate simply goes down to about 1-5 for a few seconds.
        • Firefox
          Sometimes when I'm clicking and dragging tabs to rearrange them, the system will think I held my click longer than I actually did (because it'll freeze at that moment), and it ends up thinking I dragged a tab out of the tab bar (thus launching it in a new window).
        • Quake 2
          In this 90's 3D game, whenever a "freeze" happens the game keeps going graphically, but does not respond to any input (meaning for that second or two it keeps me moving in the direction I was headed in).
        • Runescape
          In this modern MMO, whenever a "freeze" happens the game is unresponsive (and does not upgrade graphically at all) for up to a few seconds.
      • Doesn't happen here...
        Mouse movement.
        Audio (haven't tried an unbuffered source, suggestions on one?)
        Anywhere in Linux (even runescape runs without a hiccup).
    • Troubleshooting steps and results.
      • Check the task manager?
        No discernible CPU usage or differences during a "freeze".
      • Safe mode?
        Happens in safe mode as well.
      • Switch AVs?
        Changed from Avast to MSE, no fix.
      • LOL FORMAT???
        This happened on my old installation of windows on this machine as well, and this installation was done with a clean XP install disc.
      • Check the performance monitor for any values that peak during a freeze?
        I've narrowed down a few things that spike at a freeze, but don't know what to make of it.
        Sync Data Maps/Sec (hits 100%)
        Page Faults/Sec (hits 100%)
        Transition Faults/Sec (hits 100%)
        Avg. Disk Bytes/Write (hits 100%)
        Disk Writes/Sec (goes from 0% to 8-12%)
      • Disable write caching?
        Disabled it on both drives and restarted, still have the issue.
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    Many times, because I have this prob sometimes, Flash and My external sound card do not mesh well together.

    So I am saying check your sound card.