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Mar 7, 2019
Hello everyone, it's me again ^^
After having managed to play Might and Magic 2, I would like to play now Fallout 1 and X-Com enemy unknown. These are the last two games I'd like to install and after that I'll be quiet to play my favorite games ahah!
But I am stop by somes problems...

About X-com, the game starts very well with Retroarch-Dosbox, butI can not pass the introductory video. I try to click all the buttons but can not use like "escap" on keyboard.
So I said to me "it does not matter I'll wait for the end of the video and make a save state to go faster next time". But big problem: when I create a base I have to write a name ... And there is no way to do anything. I am blocked....
Can you help me solve the problem?
I looked in the configuration but being a noob, I am totally lost ...

About Fallout 1, I can not launch the game from Retroarch-Dosbox and I search how but I don't understand or found how to do... Someone would have a tutorial to play Fallout 1 on switch or know how to do?

Once again thank you for your help, without this forum I would be lost! :)

EDIT : Ok I have find how to configure DosBox Keyboard, I had just made a mistake before ^^ X-com work very well ! Just still fallout doesn't work.
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