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    Mar 30, 2017
    Hey friendly ppl, I get strange error and need help. Long story short- me and my girlfriend wanted to play the rereleased Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Yellow (not as injections, due to the rerelease having the added option to trade pokemons over wireless). Yet I downloaded the cia's and they crash with error that I will put on a picture bellow (posting this from a phone). Usually, when I get crash like that, I just download the other region cia (example: if I downloaded the usa version and it crashes, I delete it and download the eu one that works). Yet, I found two vaults with all the vc games for both the usa and eu regions and it ended up that the both regions have the same cia files for the 1st gen pokemon games. So, I ask for help, because we really wanna play these together. We are using N2DS XL's with the latest firmware and Luma. Thank you everyone.
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