Problem buying shoes ?

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    Hey there,
    I know this is a weird topic but right now I am a little bit angry again because I just can't find any fitting shoes for me -.-V

    I bought my last pair of shoes 2 years ago and they were rather expensive and not that good looking at all but this was the only pair of shoes in a big shop that did somehow fit (and even they are slightly to small for me)

    I have very wide feet so that even when I was forced to go to the military some years ago, they were shouting at me that I should stop making fun of them when they were measuring my feet to see which shoes they should give me -.-V in the end I got shoes 3 numbers bigger than I needed with some paper in front so that I could use them. (and even those hurt very bad)

    How can it be normal that most if not all companys make shoes that are so freaking slim ? if you buy shoes in a small size or a big hardly changes the with of the shoes :(
    I bought some very expensive sport shoes a few years back when they were in a sale for still over 100€ because many people wrote that they are great and rather wide but wtf, I could not even fit in a little. I gave them to my GF and she could somehow use them but even for her slim girl feet it was tight.

    Now I did some searching trough the web and read that there do exist shoes with different widths but the ones that are extra wide are sooooo rare, even on Zalado I could only find like 10 shoes my size that are extra wide and 3 of them below 100€ and only one that does not look like shit.

    Most of the "wide" shoes are labeled as "Comfort" so if it is so much more comfortable why not make every shoe like this -.-V

    Does any of you have similiar problems ? I cant be the only Human being with wide feet can I ?
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    Nov 13, 2015
    Could you post a photograph of your feet?
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    You should move to Scotland we have many shoe shops that sell shoes in 4 widths which are

    Extra Wide
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    You arent the only one with this problem.

    My shoe size "should be" 9.. heck even 8.5.

    But sometimes I end up buying trainers that are Size 12. (UK size, so in the US they are 1 size larger)

    It depends on the type of trainers really.

    For example, converse low tops, I can get by with 10.5/10. Converse high tops I have to buy 11/12.

    Adidas zx 750, I bought size 10.5 and it was really comfy. BUT then I bought these and gosh it is uncomfortable and I cant even put them on without assistance.

    I bought Nike TN size 12 and that didnt work for me. I dunno.. perhaps shoe sizes cant be generalised like clothing?

    Mind you, I do all my shopping online :rofl2: So I just have a wild guess by looking at the trainer and other people's reviews:tpi:
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    Sep 19, 2013
    and then sales people or your parents always comes with "cuz they are new, they will fit greatly after several uses"
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    I used to; I don't have especially wide feet but they are larger than most things stock for. I then found a shop which did skate shoes and steel toed boots (my chosen forms of footwear) in my size, that are generally comfortable (I walked about 8km/five miles in steel boots the other day, not a blister in sight) for very cheap. My shoes and boots seem to last a few years too which is nice.

    The shop is annoyingly far away (UK peeps if you are ever in Lakeside then if you go past ikea and B&Q and take a right, a bit further down on the left is an old post house I think and it has discount shoes inside) but there are other reasons to go there so I will pop in times when I am there.
  7. Quantumcat

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    Nov 23, 2014
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    I know exactly what you mean. I have female size 11 feet which is very hard to find shoes for. Shoe shops usually only have a fraction of their shoes going up to this size and sometimes they are even too small, if they are narrow ones. I've occasionally been a size 12.

    I would recommend Doc Marten boots. I am on my second pair in 8 years, the first pair only got replaced because I had a motorcycle accident and holes got worn in the sides from where the sides of my feet slid along the road surface. After an initial wear-in period of a few days, they are the comfiest shoes I've ever worn. If you do get a pair, just make sure to treat them with saddle soap or leather conditioner on a regular basis so they don't crack after a few years (sadly the ones I am on now have started to crack). I wear mine every single day. The only times I don't wear them is to drive (I need thinner soles so I can feel the pedals, but I change into them when I arrive at my destination), and to the beach.